Urban Collection

by Francesca De michele November 26, 2019

Our Urban Collection was inspired by big cities, vibrant cultures and a fun lifestyle.

Our first cuff in the collection, New York, represents the fabulous, lively city, where nights turn into days. 

My love for this city was immediate. The 1950s architecture, narrow streets, bustling traffic. New York is a system overload to the senses but there is something magical about this city. You will see this influence in our 'New York' cuff, a design that is as bold and captivating as the people who walk its streets.

We've created a piece that is as timeless as the city it was inspired by. All cuffs are made from solid sterling silver, and because everyone is unique, you can choose to plate in your choice of precious metal as well as choose how to hand polish your piece. 


Francesca De michele
Francesca De michele


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