Women want jewellery that doesn't sacrifice quality for fast fashion. Armed Jewels creates sterling silver and vermeil gold jewellery that is durable and beautiful, meaning women can create a lasting, quality collection, that they can enjoy wearing. 

Armed Jewels have created a range of demi-fine jewellery that has been created to be worn everyday; whether that be at work, whilst holidaying in Italy, or at a black-tie event.

As lovers of travel, we have taken inspiration from a number of the destinations we have visited around the globe. You will notice this in our jewellery's distinct and bold designs.

Using only the finest quality materials and designed in Sydney, Australia, a piece from Armed Jewels is the perfect gift for the style-seeker that loves quality and appreciates La Dolce Vita 

Armed Jewels Xo


Francesca De Michele

My love for jewellery started as a young girl. I remember sitting on my mother’s bed, searching through her bottomless jewellery bag. Having spent many years in the jewellery industry and time in one of Italy’s main jewellery districts, my mother instilled my love, passion and obsession for jewellery. 

Jewellery allows me to express myself and I created Armed Jewels so that women around the world have a happy alternative to 'fast-fashion' and 'fine-jewellery'. Jewellery is not only about making a fashion statement - it is about immortalising our memories.  Some of my favourite pieces remind me of a loved one, a story, or a place. I love that jewellery has the power to bring a dream or a memory to life. 

I created Armed Jewels so that you can experience joy in jewellery. I hope that our pieces propel you to create your own stories, memories and individual statements.  

francesca de michele

(Yes, that's me with the lovely Mia Freedman after I completed her Lady Start Up course which helped to propel my 'idea' into a business)