Caring for your jewellery

Extend the life and look of your demi-fine and fine jewellery by implementing a few care practices.


Vermeil Gold:

To clean vermeil gold, buff gently with a soft 100% cotton or microfiber cloth.

It is important to avoid using jewellery cleaner on vermeil gold. Be aware that some store bought jewellery cleaning cloths will contain product that should not be used on vermeil. As the base of vermeil gold is Sterling Silver, it can be prone to tarnishing. Store your vermeil gold alongside silica gel packs, or keep wrapped in cotton cloth to prevent and slow tarnish. 



Sterling Silver:

To clean sterling silver, regular use of a silver cloth will help to remove tarnish and inhibit re-tarnishing.

It is important to note that it is a completely normal reaction for Sterling Silver to tarnish over time as it reacts to oxygen, moisture and chemicals. A silver cleaner will help to remove tarnishing. Also, storing your Sterling Silver alongside silica, or keep wrapped in cotton cloth to prevent and slow tarnish.   


Gold Jewellery:

 To clean gold jewellery, regular use of a gold polishing cloth, or 100% cotton cloth will help to maintain its shine.



Best practice (for all precious metals):

For best care practices, avoid wearing any of your jewellery before swimming, bathing, or washing your hands with chemical soaps and strong detergents.

Avoid chlorine, bleach, solvents and dissolvents from coming into contact with any of your precious jewellery.

Be sure to avoid spraying perfumes directly on your jewellery. Lastly, put on jewellery once any creams of moisturisers have been applied and have dried.